Unbeatable lighting performance as modular concept

Plain group products are very robust, self-sustaining solar LED-luminaires based on a modular maraconcept. These luminaires and known for superior light performance and outstanding light distribution. Areas of application are primarily regions with high annual solar direct irradiation like Africa, the near East, the Arab region or southern America.

Photinus offers four different plain luminaires depending on customer’s needs. These luminaires are equipped with 80W (1700 lm), 140W (2×1700 lm), 160W (2x1700lm) and 280W (4×1700 lm).

Plain group products offer the worldwide best light distribution on the ground due to optimal integration of the outstanding photinus control system with Hella high-tech luminaires.

From residential roads through to highways

Plain group products serve a wide range of applications – from residential roads through to highways. The luminaires root on a modular concept and offer exceptional value for money. High-tech made in Austria.


Plain products are very robust, self-sustaining solar LED-luminaires based on a modular concept. These luminaires serve a wide range of applications and are built of high quality polycrystalline photovoltaic modules, zinc-coated steel (fixture angle of slope dependent), Hella LED-luminaire, battery and control system as well as an optional pole.

High quality components form Austria and Germany are perfectly integrated in order to ensure maximum lighting performance.

The luminaire’s design convinces through pleasant, straight-lined shapes. Compact, minimal dimensions are optimised for package and transport. Different standard poles can be used due to the intelligent composition of the luminaire. Plain solar LED luminaire was especially developed for areas

  • that are electrically not developed
  • that have a low probability of subsequent days with low direct  solar irradiation
  • that are very cost sensitive


Photinus high-performance photovoltaic modules charge the integrated battery during the day. Stored free solar energy nurtures the efficient LED-luminaire at night.

Nearly every installation spot has days with lower solar irradiation. Thus, plain luminaires offer the possibility to portion available energy by program settings. (Please refer to Management of Energy and time).


Plain products can be used for all sorts of projects due to the modular concept. These projects may range from residential roads through to highways – we gladly assist you with specifications.


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