Light and aesthetics

Lyra and alara are special and exceptional appearances within the segment of solar street lighting.lyra They meld environmental awareness and convenience with impressive aesthetics. Further on, they provide overwhelming light and flair to any environment.

Design award

Lyra received a recognised design award for the timeless design. Today, Lyra illuminates parks, modern urban areas, residential roads, landmarked space and seafronts all over the globe.

You can find lyra in Oman, Greece, Italy, Switzerland through to the North Sea – just worldwide.



The design streetlight lyra is a self-sustaining, solar LED lighting solution for regions with medium-high annual direct solar irradiation. Lyra is thus an extraordinary beautiful and unique solution especially applied in snow less regions.

But there is some use for lyra in snowy areas too. For example, camping grounds and golf courses operate in summer season only. Hence, lyra can also be a genius and beautiful lighting solution in northern regions.

Today, lyra illuminates modern urban areas from parks via seafronts through to landmarked space and is known for its awarded and timeless design. The sophisticated control system ensures independent operation for a number of nights – even under continuous bad weather conditions. According to DIN EN13201, lyra is applicable for lighting classes S5 and S6, for minnow roads with low traffic volume, places, parking areas, cycle- and walkways and many other spots.



The modular mounting concept enables quick and simple installation and alignment of the luminaire lyra. Two LED-lighting options ensure that different situations (place or way) are lighted properly.

The sophisticated energy control system continuously calculates optimal LED-activation and optionally dims light in predefined time frames in order to generate energy reserves of up to three nights. The additionally integrated time management enables customer to choose from three different settings regarding nocturnal dimming or switching of in order to enlarge energy reserve up to four nights. Lyra is generally delivered with setting V2 and a heat-prove (up to 60 degrees) battery.



Anthracite is the predefined standard colour for lyra. All RAL colours are available for large scale projects (> 50 pieces).



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