Aron duo stands beside aron smart and aron grande for service security in regions with critical aron duoweather conditions. The solar LED-light for parking areas Aron duo has two luminaires and is generally applied either in areas without electrical infrastructure or in areas that are not economically electrical developable. aron duo is especially applicable in areas with low-light conditions that demand highest service security and quality of light.

Eight special photinus high-performance photovoltaic modules mounted on a cubic aluminium fixture enable aron duo to generate abundant energy even in diffuse light conditions (i.e. fog, snow, etc.). Vertical alignment of modules prevents snow accumulation in winter. Sophisticated energy saving modes guarantee operations throughout a number of nights – even during continuous bad weather conditions.


Eight photinus high-performance photovoltaic modules charge the integrated battery during the day. Stored solar energy nurtures the efficient LED-luminaire at night.


Anthracite is the predefined standard colour for aron duo. All RAL colours are available for large scale projects (> 50 pieces).

Aron smart stands beside aron grande for service security in regions with critical weather conditions. The solar LED-luminaire aron smart is

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